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Fleet Owner’s On-Demand Resources: Webinars Edition

NOVEMBER 13, 2019

November 2019 Webinars edition

Business intelligence and actionable insights...Fleet Owner provides these valuable commodities to its vast audience every day on the web, each week in eNewsletters, and every month in its print magazine.  Through its network of commercial vehicle industry contacts, Fleet Owner also produces and hosts numerous webinar events, tackling the most important topics our industry faces.  Below you’ll find a compilation of previously-conducted and yet-to-come webinars, all providing information you need in order to keep your business moving forward.  Please take advantage of this resource by clicking on any of the links below, or visit us at www.fleetowner.com to check out our complete library of webinars, whitepapers, and research.

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Engage Drivers with an Effective Safety Strategy

Today’s safety technology is changing the conversations fleets can have with their drivers, and artificial intelligence and machine learning are playing a key role as fleets work to improve safety. Combining the right technology with the right driver incentives enables fleets to customize their safety programs to boost engagement, increase driver retention and reduce risk. However, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and driver demographics and company culture play a part in crafting a successful safety program.

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*Webinars Worthy of Revisiting*

Winning the Battle for Protection and Prevention with Video Intelligence

Truck drivers are at fault less than 25% of the time in catastrophic collisions. Despite this fact,  litigation is often the norm in today’s world - particularly in accidents involving professional drivers and equipment. How do you protect your fleet, your drivers and the public at large? With the advent of Video Intelligence, protection against litigation and prevention of future accidents can move to the forefront of your fleet’s approach to safety. Understanding how Video can help with training and even exoneration is the first step. Presented by FleetOwner and sponsored by Trimble.

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